Study Method & Skills

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At The Oakville Academy School for the Arts we believe that in order to experience optimum growth and understanding, children need to take part in the entire cycle of learning:

Interest .  Investigation .  Questions .  Inquiry .  Research .  Dialogue  .  Connection  .  Expression  .  Reflection

Preschool, Junior and Senior Kindergarten aged students learn best when:

  • They participate in dynamic, stimulating, high-quality half-day sessions that allow them to have rich and varied lives beyond school walls.
  • Class sizes are small and intimate.
  • They are interested and engaged.
  • They have many direct, hands-on experiences; investigating in order to become knowledgeable.
  • Academic skills are integrated into meaningful project work.
  • They have many ways of taking in, sharing and expressing information and learning.
  • They have a rich and wide assortment of available materials with which to graphically and structurally record and represent their ideas, knowledge and process of learning.
  • Schedules are flexible and spontaneous learning moments are celebrated and maximized.
  • They trust their teachers to provide them with the time and resources they need to construct their learning.